This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author or You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky
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This is the official website of Sarra Manning, author of Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and Unsticky, Adorkable, Guitar Girl, Let's Get Lost, Pretty Things, Nobody's Girl, the Diary Of Crush trilogy and the Fashionistas series.

Here you'll find my blog, as well as regular (hopefully!) updates on all my book news, events, sneak previews to forthcoming projects, competitions and a lot of giddy rhapsodising about all my current obsessions from Glee to obscure female Swedish singers to the perfect concealer and everything in between.

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From my late mother’s papers: a late 1950′s feminist polemic. #yesallmen
I’ve been going through a huge box of papers from my parent’s house. Mostly letters to my mother from before she was married, some old payslips, bank statements and then I happened across this. Nascent feminist, though she might have been, I don’t think my mother wrote this but she certainly thought it was worth typing out. I think it’s priceless. A carbon copy version of an internet meme. USELESS CREATION – MAN Men are what women marry. They have two hands, two feet and sometimes two women, but never more than one dollar or one idea at a time. Like Turkish cigarettes they are all made of the same materials, the only difference being that some are better disguised than others. Generally speaking, they may be divided into three classes; husbands, bachelors and widowers. A bachelor is an eligible mass of obstinacy entirely surrounded by suspicion. Husbands are of three types; prizes, surprises and consolation prizes. Making a husband out of a man is one of the highest plastic arts known to civilisation. It requires science, sculpture. common sense, faith, hope and charity – mostly charity. It is a psychological marvel that a small, tender, soft, violet-scented thing like ...