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hello world

Hello everyone!

My name is Sarra and basically I’m a language nerd. And when I say nerd, I mean fully blown language geek.

I love learning languages, learning about languages, talking about languages. Basically if it involves languages, I love it.

I started this blog to share my experiences and opinions on the world of languages and to basically have an outlet, since most of my family members are sick of hearing about Russian, linguistics or Kanji!

Hopefully I will be able to build a small community here where other language lovers can join me and share in my passion. 

Why I Love Languages So Much

My love of languages developed quite young. I’d grown up in an English speaking house and had never really come across speakers of different languages before, apart from holidays to France with my parents. But even then, I wasn’t really engaging with the language and had no personal experience with it. My parents didn’t really speak any languages apart from a few phrases to help them get by in restaurants.

When I was about eight years old, my parents had friends of the family come to stay. They had been friends since they were in university and were now living abroad. 

Their friends came with strange gifts from countries I’d barely heard of but the thing that stuck with me the most is that they spoke a different language. 

We would be sitting in the living room chatting in English and my parents friends would turn to each other and start speaking in Spanish. For some reason I was enthralled. 

It turned out the wife was Bolivian and her husband had learned Spanish to speak his wife’s native language. As we got talking I learned that not only could they both speak Spanish and English, but they could also speak Portuguese, Italian and a little French.

When they told me this, I asked them to prove it and was amazed by what I saw. They laughed and flitted between the four languages. 

After that point I was enchanted by languages. Luckily enough I had very encouraging parents so when I showed an interest they enrolled me in Spanish classes straight away. 

Since then I have learned French, Italian and German, and I have dabbled in Russian and Mandarin. 

I want to keep learning languages forever and will be beginning a university course in linguistics next year.

This blog is to share my love of languages with you, to tell you about my journey along the way and maybe even inspire you to start a language journey of your own.

Every polyglot has that moment where they decided learning languages was for them and for people who really love it, they’ll all admit that that moment was a turning point in their lives.

I’ve had mine, maybe you’ve had yours and if not at least you’re interested or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog!

So thank you for taking the time to read my story, let’s dive into the world of linguistics together. 


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