My Favourite Places To Find Spanish Resources

spanish resources

spanish resources

Spanish is one of the most popular languages that native English speakers are learning right now and it’s easy to see why.

In this blog, I’m going to break down my recommendations into the following categories.

  • Apps to learn Spanish
  • Websites to learn Spanish
  • Spanish movies
  • Spanish series
  • Spanish books
  • Websites that recommend useful Spanish materials

Keep reading to see these topics in more detail.

Apps To Learn Spanish

Spanish apps are so handy because you can do them wherever you are.

Whether you’re on the train or in the loo, most people have their phones with them all the time, which means you can do a bit of Spanish study no matter where you are.

Websites To Learn Spanish

Having a website to learn Spanish can be super useful. Setting aside a time of day to sit down at your laptop and study can really improve your linguistic skills.

These are my top two favourite Spanish language websites.

Spanish movies

Spanish movies can often be quite difficult to understand because the Spanish used is often a lot more complex than in a series. But if you’re an advanced learner then you should definitely consider adding some Spanish movies to your study plan.

Here are some of the must see Spanish movies if you’re a Spanish student.


La Mala Educación


Spanish series are a great way to improve your Spanish listening skills. They’re fun, passionate and full of action, especially Netflix originals.

My current favourite Spanish series are:

La Casa De Papel


Las Chicas Del Cable

Spanish books

Which Spanish books you read will depend on the current level you’re at. Someone reading a Spanish beginner book will be have a very different level to someone reading a Spanish advanced book.

Here you can check out some of the most prolific Spanish authors out there or if you’re just starting out read the list of recommended Spanish children’s books to help you. A child’s book might have a basic story but the grammar will often be at a beginner’s level.

Websites That Recommend Spanish Materials

Sometimes what you need are websites that make compiled lists of the best materials available.

Check out these categories to find out the best materials available in each of them.


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